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Spousal Support & Alimony Laws In Prince William Virginia

Spousal maintenance – Alimony

Even in uncontested divorces in Prince William, Virginia spousal support/alimony may be awarded in a divorce or legal separation proceedings and may be subject to later modification or enforcement proceedings as well. Alimony is vital part of being able to move on after a divorce. Alimony is generally paid in installments over a period of time, (weekly or monthly, for example). Spousal support is another term for alimony in Prince William, Virginia.

Regardless of the term used in Prince William, Virginia, alimony is paid for a defined duration of time or until the death of one of the spouses or the remarriage of the recipient. What most people in Prince William, Virginia don’t realize is that alimony is taxable. The person paying the alimony in Prince William, Virginia deducts it as an above the line tax deduction. The person who receives alimony has to pay taxes on the amount of alimony received.

Child support on the other hand is not taxable. Alimony is completely independent from child support and Prince William, Virginia uses set guidelines to determine alimony. The Family Law Courts in Prince William, Virginia have enormous discretion when determining the appropriate alimony award and the duration of the alimony award. Due to this uncertainty, most Virginia attorneys work hard towards trying to settle the issue of alimony in divorce cases without risking a trial on the issue of alimony. Our lawyers in Prince William, Virginia who assist clients with divorce cases in Virginia will work to help you get spousal support and when necessary, defend an action for alimony.

Our Virginia lawyers who assist clients with spousal support and alimony issues have client meeting locations in Virginia:

Our Prince William, Virginia lawyers who assist clients with spousal support and alimony have an extensive amount of experience in resolving issues regarding spousal support and alimony in Prince William, Virginia. Our Prince William, Virginia attorneys who represent clients with spousal support and alimony cases are careful to consider all of your family law concerns and provide thoughtful, prudent guidance through all of your family law & divorce law issues.

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